My New Friends!

My New Friends!

Price Cut Ziggy Bear and Z. Monk NOW $15.00

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stay tuned we have some new products that will bring a huge smile to your face.
In honor of my kiddo's.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ziggyluv is welcoming a new edition to our family!

Welcome Welcome Welcome
Little Brother
Christian Henry
Christian is wearing our mocassins in the 0-2 months size
Christian pictured 5 1/2 weeks old

Christian showing off the tan moccasins w/ navy stiching.

$7.00 USD

$7.00 USD

Christian is a comfy cutie in these lil' mocassins.
This little yummy baby is th result of The Law of Attraction.  When I first designd the shoe I repeatedly said, "I really need to have a cute little baby to wear these shoes... it would really help with marketing these little shoes."  Now to be frank I was thinking more on the lines of one of my friends letting me borrow their baby for a day.  LOL!  So, there I was making baby shoes with no baby in sight and then I went to the doctor for a check up and I suppose her eye sight was better than mine, because there was that little baby I was waiting for.  Surprise!  I'm still surprised.  And, pleased and filled with such gratitude to Jah for seeing me worthy.  On on more note on The Law of Attraction- the shoes fit him as if I was making them soley for him when I originally craftd them... so what can you take away from all of this?  Thinking brings about being.  So dream big- think positive and open your hands to your blessings.  The proof is in the baby shoes :)

Jah bless,


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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Booties For Your Cutie Patooties!



If you are in the Bay Area, these cute little mocassins are sold @
Mommy N' Me
18478A Prospect Road
Saratoga, CA 95070

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love learns how to laugh!

Written by Free Shayla
Cowritten by The Chime in Crew:
Lillie Love and Ziggy Man!

I use to know a little girl... who didn't smile much...  
She seemed sweet yet quiet and a little afraid of touch...
Her mother bought her fancy things and her father did too...
Yet this poor little girl still appeared to feel so sad and blue.

Until one day, she stopped and made a little wish....
"I'll smile, I'll smile, I'll smile indeed,
if my fairy godmother would bring a wish to me.
"Her magical words landed in her godmothers ear... her godmother thought, "little Love don't fear..."

And, then she appeared like the light from the sun... to make Love's wish come true... she was the only one.

Love's only request was that her godmother play... "Play is that all you wanted?  Well, that is my forte.  Play we shall, and I'll supply the toys... I have toys for every girl and boy!"  To Love's surprise all the toys appeared and her godmother said, "Watch what I cook up for you here!"

"I'm cooking up cute", said her godmother.  "That's what I do best... I made you a buddy to help your tummy hurt less."

Love's surprise was all over her face... "These dolls will help me be brave when I go from place to place."
Her godmother said, "I've been watching you... for quite some time... I wondered why you seemed so sad..." after a moment Love replied...
 "Because, I get butterflies in my tummy...
It happens when I get around kids... that's why I guess I don't have many friends."
The Beautiful godmother said, "I use to get the butterflies as well...  and that's why I made you these two little friends... they can make your tummy well."

At first silence was Love's only response... a sweet bear for her?  A heart warming thought.  She was so touched by the gift and, then something happend.  Inside she felt a smile growing.  What is this feeling she is feeling?  Happiness... she's glowing.

As the smile crept across her face, and her cheeks began to rise, she felt her nervousness float away like a balloon in the summer sky.

Her special bear held a secret that was a sweet surprise... he could hold pictures in his tummy, that would help Love scare away the shy.  She could put a picture of Mommy, Daddy, or even her dog Bo... it would feel like they were with her wherever she'd go. 
When the giggles set in she began to play... the difference now, when a child came to join her, she began to play without fear. It helped to have picture of her mother, close to her... so near. They ran here and there, and then she noticed something... he had a special critter too... could it be he knew her fairy?  Did he use to be blue?

Of course her fairy godmother knew the boy, and many others.  All children are not the same and some need a little extra love.  This way until these children are ready... they can hold you a little longer... but, get to experience life while growing a little stronger.

Now $15.00 USD
To the  family, yes he looks familiar Z. Monk was patterned after Ziggy.  Ziggy collects monkeys so he was a surprise for Ziggy.
Now $15.00 USD
Children from all walks of life will love owning one of these
cute little critters:

Children with disabilities

Children with parents in the military (especially w/ parents deployed)

Children with autism spectrum disorders

Children with anxiety disorders

Children headed to preschool

 Children who have lost a family member

 Children with divorced parents

Happy Holidays!!!!

Free Shayla

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